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The Old Timer, better than

By Cousin Nancy Simons & Buff Orpington

Bandera County's answer to, and even lies not on the Internet, but rather at a popular gathering spot in Medina.
At high noon on Monday, August 11, Sheryln Barton and Luis Perez were hitched in front of the picturesque gas pumps at the step-back-in time The Old Timer on Highway 16 North in Medina. And, thanks to Cousin Nancy and Tony Simons of the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, the Bandera County Courier got the exclusive on this wonderfully quirky wedding - complete with photos by Nance. According to Nance, this was probably the first wedding held at The Old Timer - or at least the first hosted by owner Deborah "Debbie" Martin, who purchased the business from longtime owner, the late Ed McAlister, in November 2012. Located at 14178 Highway 16 North, the combo gas station, convenience store and gathering spot is a local landmark - and hosts a by-now-infamous kaffe klatch, whose members gather at a special table each morning to swill caffeine and "solve the world's problems."
According to Nance, her hubby - a member of the problem-solving contingent - was asked to take photos of the nuptials because, as the bride put it before the wedding, "He's the only one here with a real camera."
After vows were exchanged, everyone trooped back into The Old Timer for the reception. When Cousin Nancy apologized to bride Sherylyn for crashing her wedding, she was told "not to worry." It seems the whole Medina community had been invited to the festivities - as witnessed by the couple's "wanted poster" taped to the checkout counter, summoning "A posse to witness the hitchin' of the outlaws ..."
And, in case anyone wondered, Sheryln and Luis selected The Old Timer for their wedding because, in the words of the bride, "Two years ago, on August 11, at 10:30 in the morning, was the very first time that Luis and I met. He came into the store and I was working the cash register." And the rest, as they say, was history.
On her blog,, Cousin Nancy wrote, "And that is why this was the best wedding that I have ever been to - The Old Timer Rules! Who knows? Maybe this fall, Tony and I will be the very first couple to renew our wedding vows, at The Old Timer."
The Courier doesn't doubt it for a moment! We offer our best wishes and congratulations to the newlyweds, who are now back from their honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico and setting up housekeeping in Medina.
And, not for nothing, but those living in Bandera County - let alone Medina - who are looking to find their life partner are advised to eschew Internet matchmaking sites and instead start hanging around The Old Timer!
For the record, the Perez-Barton wedding was the first celebrated at the iconic Medina business, but there's always room for more!
To schedule a wedding at The Old Timer, call Martin at 830-589-2226.