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By James Henry Frazar

By James Henry Frazar

Broussard, Louisiana Stars at Cajun Festival
Donny Broussard and the Louisiana Stars will be performing at the Sept. 27 Medina Lake Cajun Festival at the Lakehills Civic Center.
The band will be performing traditional Cajun and French music on the Gazebo Stage from 1-5 pm.
Broussard was born in 1964 in Forked Island in Vermilion Parish and was reared by his grandparents. His grandfather, Will Marceaux, who spoke only French, was an accomplished accordionist and fiddler and the leader of the Louisiana Stars. His grandfather did not want Broussard to play with his valuable accordion, so, like many aspiring young Cajun musicians, Broussard would practice on the sly when his grandfather was away.
In 1977, Broussard joined his grandfather's band on bass, subsequently moved over to steel guitar. He never played accordion with the band until 1987 when Will Marceaux suffered a fatal heart attack one night after performing at a dance. The other members of the Louisiana Stars asked Broussard to become the group's accordionist, and the group's name became Donny Boussard and the Louisiana Stars.
In addition to playing the accordion, Broussard provides clear, direct vocals that glide through waltzes as smoothly as the Cajun dancers circle around the floor, and he also can rev things up to get the dancers moving with lively two-steps. In 2000, Broussard was named to the Lake Charles Chapter Cajun French Music Association Hall of Fame.
The band's first recording was in 1988. The second CD, which was re-released in 1995 on the Cajun Sound label, features all original songs written by Broussard and Bob Moore.
As long as he has the energy, Broussard said he plans to keep Cajun music well and alive.
Bands are changing in Cajun music. Broussard said part of that is people no longer speaking French on a regular basis, as well as up-and-coming musicians moving in different directions of style.
"There is not a lot of the younger generation that is following the traditional Cajun music," Broussard said. "A lot of them are playing Zydeco music and things like that. A majority of the Cajun music is in French and they don't speak it all the time or understand it. I think that is a big thing. Sometimes it brings you down to see that we are losing some of that Cajun heritage."
Lakehills Library doings
• The American Red Cross will present at talk on disaster preparedness at the Lakehills Area Library Thursday Aug. 21, from 1-2 pm. Their goal is to help the public be ready in case disaster strikes.
• The evening book club meets Monday, Aug. 25, at 6 pm to discuss A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchey. The daytime book club will meet Tuesday, Aug. 26, at 1 pm to discuss Floating on My Mother's Palms by Ursula Hegi. Both clubs are open to the public.
• Children's story time continues with the regular program of stories and coloring on Wednesdays at 10:30 am.
• The library will be starting computer classes in September. It will be everything from basic computers to Microsoft office program use to how to use social media. Call if you are interested in a class, as they are scheduled based on interest. Contact Dianna at 830-510-2777.