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- Bandera Gun Club - Not Again!!

by Jim Harris

Yes, again. Bryan Boehme was the HOA (High Over All) Champion in the 12th annual Blue Bell Ice Cream & Antique Firearms Shoot at the Bandera Gun Club August 16.
The shoot required the use of a pump gun and/or a Side x Side double barrel shotgun and 1930s rules. The old skeet rules required a low gun starting position - i.e. the stock must touch your hip - and a 0 to 3 second delay in launching the target after the shooter called for it. This really puts a crimp in the modern shooters ability to break targets. Buckles were awarded for Pump Gum Champion, SxS Champion and HOA, which is the combined score.
Bryan showed up early while it was still cool to score a 91/100 for the HOA championship. Club owner JM Clements managed to get all of the ice cream organized and then went on to shoot good scores in both events. He won the Pump Gun buckle with a 44/50 score. John Henry, Jr. took the SxS buckle with a 39/50.
As near as I could calculate we had about two gallons of ice cream per shooter. A bunch of the regulars went to a major shoot in Fort Worth, and some of the others have two big shoots this month which require travel, and September has a shoot every week somewhere, including the NSSA World Championships in San Antonio.
As a result the turnout was very light. Oh well ... more ice cream for the rest of us.
The John Webber Memorial shoot is Sept. 11 - 14, and there are still a couple of openings. Call the gun club to sign up or to let them know you will not make it if you are already assigned to a squad.
Meanwhile, join us for the Wednesday fun shoot each week . Come on out to Bandera and "git-er-done @ 3-4-5!"