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Celebrate Bandera with South Texas Bull Fighting Challenge


If the National Professional Bull Rider's Challenge wasn't enough to raise Bandera's heart rates, the South Texas Bull Fighters Challenge on Sunday, August 30, at Mansfield Park surely will. The special halftime show during the bull riding finals pits bullfighters against bulls - one on one!
The bullfighting competition features both protection and freestyle categories, making bull ridings more exciting for both fans and athletes. Bullfighters use no ropes, spurs or other devices to battle the bull - just their inner courage. The bullfighter relies on his athletic abilities, precision timing and the ability to think and make decisions in milliseconds.
In the freestyle bullfight, the bullfighter and bull square off for 70 seconds. The bullfighter is judged on his willingness to expose himself to risk and on his aggressiveness. Throughout the 70 seconds, he must stay as close to the bull as possible.
Bullfighters have elevated the sport by employing spectacular maneuvers, such as jumping over a charging bull. Like the bull riders, the bullfighters will score higher with more aggressive bulls. Bulls used in bullfights are bred to be smaller, quicker and more agile than those used in the bull riding.
Several world champion bullfighters are gearing up for this challenge. Evan Allard, two-time world champion and two-time winner of Salinas California World Championships; and Weston Rutkowski, two-time world champion. Each one will draw a fighting bull and show off his skills for points. The winners of the event will walk away with all the money and a chance to compete in the finals in October.
Tickets for the National Professional Bull Riders Challenge on August 30 and 31, and South Texas Bull Fighting Challenge on August 31, can be purchased at Gunslinger, 1107 Cypress Street. General Admission is $15 per person for adults ages 18 to 54 years, and $10 for seniors ages 55 and over. Children ages six to 16 years are $12 with those ages five years and under admitted free.
In addition, box seats are available for $120. Each box offers six seats with great views of the arena and bucking chutes.