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Helping out the community

Photo by Judith Pannebaker

While walking down Highway 16 from their home in the Beverage Barn RV Park, brothers John and Dean Strickland noticed that an inordinate amount of trash had accumulated on the side of the road. Rather than complain to City of Bandera officials as many would have done, they did something about it themselves. For the last couple of weeks, the Strickland brothers have been prowling the north end of town, filling trash bags with debris to clean up that portion of Highway 16 through Bandera. When they're not making a positive contribution to their community, the Stricklands entertain as the duo, Chemical Diary, playing selections from the musical genres of rock 'n roll, alternative rock and blues - So, when you see the Stricklands hard at work, give them a friendly honk and let 'em know their hard work - in 100ยบ temps! - is appreciated!