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- Bandera Gun Club, Inc. - Ice cream shoot

by Jim Harris

The 12th Annual "Blue Bell Ice Cream & Antique Firearms Shoot" will be held at the club on Saturday, August 16, starting at 10 am with entries closing at 4:30 pm. Number 9 shot, only.
This is the twelfth year for us to enjoy a fun shoot and the best ice cream in Texas, or for that matter anywhere. The Bandera Gun Club offers this fun shoot, which goes back to the days of yesteryear, and all the great Blue Bell Ice Cream you can eat!
There shall be two events, the 2-Holer and the Corn Shucker.
The 2-Holer is for side-by-side double barrel guns, either hammer or hammerless.
The Corn Shucker is for pump shotguns, either hammer or hammerless.
Each event shall consist of 50 skeet targets. You may enter one or both. The entry fee is $30 for a single event, or $50 for both. There are always plenty of guns around for those who don't have the proper ones.
The shooting order will be conducted as it is in present day skeet (using the speed-up rule), but the targets will be launched from 0 to 3 seconds after the call of pull, and the shooter must use "low gun" position, i.e. the bottom of the stock must touch the top of you belt or hip bone. And no, you cannot move your belt up to your chin. It must be in the normal position. If the shooter starts to mount the gun after calling "pull" and the target has not yet been launched it shall be a lost bird, unless he can lower the gun to the original position before the target comes out. The exception will be on station 8 where the target will be launched at the "pull" command with no delay.
The winners will be determined by high score, and ties will be shot-off as doubles at 3-4-5.
There is a gold trophy belt buckle for the HAA Champion (best score in both events) and silver buckles for the champions of the individual events. No shooter may win more than one buckle. A winner goes out of class and the next person down wins.
There will be a variety of Blue Bell Flavors and there will be stuff to put on top or on the side, so bring your summer appetite and come to Bandera and git-er-done @ 3-4-5.