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Best Fußball in World


To celebrate Germany's 1-0 win over Argentina in the World Cup FIFA finals - to the uninitiated, that's soccer - on Sunday, July 13, one of Sandra Schott's customers at the Mulberry Wine Bar and Bistro grabbed the German flag and made a roundtrip run from the 800 block of Main Street to the OST restaurant.
On a dare, Wolfgang Fey, who owns Wolfgang Fey Electric, let everyone in Bandera know his native county plays the best Fußball in the world. According to Schott, Fey is from Wuppertal, an area know for their humor, of which Fey certainly has an abundance. "He was very excited that Deutschland won the FIFA Weltmeisterschaft," Schott wrote inan email.
Germany last captured the World Cup title in 1990. More recently, however, the USA was bested by Germany 1-0 on June 26, but because we didn't get trounced as soundly as other countries during one of the interminable semi-final rounds, American advanced slightly, only to be bopped by Belgium later. At least we got the best of Ghana by winning that June 16 game by a score of 2-0. Anyway, congrats to Wolfgang and Germany. We'll be lookin' for ya in four years. Now, more importantly, what do you think of the Bulldogs' chances of making it to State this year?