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New book by local Christian author


Do you have answers to serious life questions such as Why Am I Here? What is truth? Why is there evil in the world? Can I control events in my life? A thought-provoking-answer-giving new publication for youth through adults, Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How? A Creative look at Life's Main Issues ©, by Bandera County resident, Dr. Diane S. Spears, suggests answers to such questions and more. Most of us want to know with certainty what is true and what is false. However, much information we encounter is misleading or superficial and leaves us dissatisfied.
After searching much of her life in many unprofitable and unproductive directions for answers, Spears believes she has found solid evidence for truth in Scripture. Many issues addressed in the book include what Spears refers to as our Source, our origin, rejection, pride, lack of preparation, victory, how the animal world mimics human behavior, and current social issues.
Using her own original proverbs, parables, and illustrations sprinkled with humor, Spears aims to make reading a pleasurable experience and the Christian content understandable, palatable and thought provoking. She offers some deep, substantial answers questions about life experiences and desires.
Readers will be guided into deeper critical and logical thinking processes than most are regularly confronted with in daily life.
As a seasoned educator, Spears encourages us to think logically and to question everything. We do not check our brains at the door when we enter the Door of Life.
"My sincere hope and prayer is that Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How? A Creative look at Life's Main Issues © will inspire you to think on a deeper level about eternal issues than ever before, and that you will truly enjoy this experience," said Spears.
The book is available in paperback, hard cover through the author, and all formats (including e-book) at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. A book-signing event is scheduled at the Lakehills Area Library for Saturday, May 3, from 10 am to 2 pm with a reading from the book and question and answer session from 1 to 1:30 pm. A Look Inside is on Spear's web site: