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Pederson qualifies for NYU program

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Looking for sponsors

Bandera High School sophomore Meagan Pederson will be heading to New York City this summer, if all goes as she plans.
Pederson, an outstanding student, has been accepted in the prestigious New York University Precollege Program set for July and August of this year.
"The classes will be taught by staff professors, we'll take the end of course tests and get college credits awarded," said Pederson. "That will look impressive on college applications and resumes."
Pederson's enthusiasm for learning brings praises from her teachers.
"Meagan is in my Academic Decathlon class this year," said Susan McKinney. "Her presence is a delight. Her personality brings joy to learning; she has such an enthusiasm that is infectious. I look forward to having her on the team next year."
Nathaniel Matthews, Pederson's Advanced Placement Chemistry teacher said, "Meagan is a responsible student who works hard and never quits."
Pederson keeps an active eye on offerings from the nation's top universities online and was very excited when she saw the program come up on the NYU website. "I applied at midnight just as soon as they posted the applications," she said.
The reason for the excitement? NYU offers courses that will help Pederson advance in her chosen field of study: pediatric hematologist and oncologist, a medical specialty that deals with blood diseases and cancers in children.
It won't be all work and no play in New York, however. "We'll be taken to see Broadway shows and things like Mets games," she said.
All in all, it should prove to be an excellent educational experience.
However, it's an experience that will be costly, running a tab of around $10,000.
"I'm planning a fund raiser in about a month," she said, "and I will welcome sponsors and anyone who can donate things like baked goods or items to sell." Anyone wishing to donate can contact Pederson at or call 210-802-9962.
The Courier will have an announcement with more details about the fundraiser as the date draws nearer.
Pederson's proud parents are mother Allison Paul of North Carolina, dad Larry Pederson and stepmom Laura Pederson of Bandera.