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HCM hosts seminars on diabetes management


As part of its "Be Well with Diabetes" program, the Hill Country Memorial Wellness Center will host two seminars on managing the nutritional and health needs of those with diabetes on Tuesday, March 11, and Thursday, March 13.
From 1 pm to 4 pm, on March 11, certified diabetes educator Kim Thornton, RD, LD, will discuss "Nutrition Management of Diabetes. The seminar will cover the skills to help control blood sugars through dietary modification.
Topics will include food choice and portion management, carbohydrate counting, meal balancing, the role of the glycemic index and meal-planning skills for dining out.
From 9 am to noon, on March 13, certified diabetes educator Nanette Tisdale, RN, will offer "Self Care Management of Diabetes," covering daily glucose monitoring and preventing complications of diabetes.
Topics will include prevention and management strategies for long-term complications like nerve damage, small blood vessel disease, heart disease, eye disease and kidney disease. Participants will develop individualized self-care behavior plans.
Each seminar will be held in the Wellness Center Conference Room at 1006 S. Highway 16 in Fredericksburg. Space is limited, and registration is required.
Each seminar costs $318, and participants will receive several resources as a part of the tuition fee. Other helpful resources will be available for purchase at the seminars. Spouses or significant others may attend at no additional cost. Most insurance plans and Medicare cover the seminars.
For more information and to register, call 830-997-1355.