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Signs your child may be abusing drugs

Courtesy of Narconon Arrowhead®

Did you know that many parents are very surprised when they find out that their son or daughter has been abusing some form of drug for quite a long time?
Often those parents do not find out until it is much too late.
How can you detect whether your son or daughter is abusing drugs? There are signs of drug abuse that apply to any substance, medical or illicit. Drug usage signs to watch for in your son or daughter include:
• Old friends are swapped for new ones who drink or use drugs. These new friends may not be goal- or family-oriented and you may worry about these new contacts.
• Children may argue about doing chores that have been part of their lives for many years.
• The young person may insist on total privacy and spend many hours alone in his or her room.
• He may be secretive about what he has in his backpack or pockets.
• He may refuse to tell you where he is going or who he is with. If he does say who is he going to be with, a call to that person may show that he is not actually there.
• Grades fall and favorite activities are abandoned.
• He may want or need more money, or money may be missing.
• He no longer wants to pursue goals that were important to him, such as music, college, sports and career choices.
• He may stay out late or be gone overnight.
• He may cover his body up more than warranted by the weather. In fact, he may be covering marks from injecting drugs.
• He may lose weight and look unhealthy.
• His behavior may be erratic, swinging from too energetic to too lethargic. Sleeping patterns may also be erratic.
• His emotions may be all over the place.
• There may be an increasing number of discipline problems at home, at school or in church.
• If he runs out of whatever drug he was abusing - even if the drug is cough syrup - he may experience withdrawal symptoms.
If your loved one is abusing drugs, get help. If someone you love is addicted, get help. Call Narconon Arrowhead® now at 888-907-8991 for a free consultation.