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- Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch - Jeremy Clyde


On Saturday, Jan. 18, Sue and Will Grieve, great friends of the Bandera County Courier, formally adopted Jeremy Clyde from the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch. As Nancy described the situation, "Around 2:40 pm, the nicest retired couple came out to possibly adopt one of our super dogs and Jeremy Clyde stole their hearts. They adopted him and, to say the least, Kinky, Tony and I are thrilled about it." Nance snapped this great photo of Jeremy with his new guardians just before the happy pooch leaped up into the backseat of the Grieve's SUV. "It made Tony and me laugh because this sweet dog could not wait to leave our rescue ranch and be chauffeured away to his new, fantastic, forever home," Nance noted. Sue and Will divide their time between their summer home in Illinois and their winter home in Pipe Creek. Hey, Sue and Will, bring Jeremy to visit the Courier office, 1135 Main Street, in Bandera, and we'll have some dog treats ready for him. And, congratulations to you, Jeremy Clyde, for scoring the best forever home ever!