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MRI NOW offers 'cash price for cash patients'


MRI NOW, located in Boerne, offers the Bandera community high quality and affordable MRI medical imaging.
MRI NOW accepts nearly every major medical insurance and expedites interpretation to the ordering physician. Due to special machine architecture, the office can accommodate large patients up to 500 pounds and broad-shouldered patients, as well. As a company spokesman pointed out, "Additionally, we are especially friendly to claustrophobic patients."
MRI NOW also offers a "cash price for cash patients." While MRI tests can costs $2,600, a complete study costs only $390 for patients who pay by cash. This includes interpretation by a board-certified radiologists.
The spokesman continued, "Toni and Melanie will treat you like family and we can schedule you immediately."
MRI NOW is conveniently located across from Sonic at 128 West Bandera, Suite 4. Telephone is 830-816-5518 and physicians can fax a medical order to 830-331-1042.