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Newspaper copy courtesy Waverly Lewis

A story from The Bandera New Era
Nov. 1, 1934
Newspaper copy courtesy Waverly Lewis

A new set of steel lockers has been purchased by the school board for the eighth grade. Owing to a lack of lockers in the hall, the eighth graders have been using the desks in the English room, and as this arrangement was rather inconvenient, the new lockers are a welcome addition to our equipment.
The basketball girls are selling candy for the purpose of getting a new basketball which is given as a premium by the candy company. The girls had $16 worth of candy but quite a bit has been sold and the sales are mounting. They hope to sell it all soon and get their ball so they can begin playing with it.
Honor students of the tenth and eleventh grades met Monday afternoon and organized an English Club which will meet once a month. The program will be based on the lives of people who have been prominent in the literary world.
The officers elected are Margaret Davenport, president; Raymond Wright, vice-president; Marie Mangold, secretary; AJ (Wishie) Mazurek, treasurer; Eva Gossett, chairman of the program committee, and Bernadette Anderwald, chairman of the social committee.
The basketball boys went to Medina Friday afternoon and were defeated by a score of 11-8. The players who took part in the game were Teer, Rouse, Heinen, Wright, Kutzer, Jenschke, Hayes and Hager. The same teams will meet on the Bandera courts Friday afternoon at three o'clock.
The PTA has bought some new playground equipment consisting of a slide and trapeze bar. The legs of each have been imbedded in cement to prevent their turning over.
The teachers of the grammar grades wish to advise the mothers of the boys to reinforce their children's pants.
The PTA has also purchased a new science laboratory table for the school. It is very conveniently fitted for connections with water pipes, gas, and electricity, and has an acid-proof top. This is a very useful and appreciated addition to the science equipment.
The Bulldog Hornet Saga staff were Margaret Davenport, editor in chief; Cecilia Kalka, assistant editor; Bernadette Anderwald, business manager; Ann Sarms, sports editor, girls; and Raymond Wright, sports editor, boys.