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Newspaper copy courtesy Waverly Lewis

A story from The Bandera New Era
Nov. 1, 1934
Newspaper copy courtesy Waverly Lewis

Col. JA Head quietly celebrated his 86th birthday anniversary last Thursday at his home in this city. Mrs. Head prepared a splendid dinner for the occasion, which was enjoyed by the following: Mr. and Mrs. AB Langford, Miss Mildred Langford, Allie Gerald Langford, Mrs. Lucille Kutzer, Bert Cohn Kutzer, Mr. and Mrs. RA Chipman, Mr. and Mrs. Montie Chipman, John R. Chipman, and Mrs. Mattie Jones. We join his host of friends in wishing Col. Head continued length of days and good health.

Mrs. SH Culpepper and Mrs. JA Kitzer entertained the members of the Junior BYPU at the home of Mr. and Mrs. FA Mansfield with a delightful Halloween party, Tuesday evening.
The children had a great time playing Halloween games and stunts.
Delicious punch and cookies were served to the following: Nina and Genevieve Word, Doris Hogan, Wanda Trowbridge, Radie Jane Culpepper, Doris Mansfield, Dixie Conover, Vera Jones, Yvonne Carpenter, Mildred Mansfield, Arleen Mansfield, Colleen and Beryl Culpepper, May Dell Faris, Allie Gerald Langford, Leo Mansfield, Clyde Wright, Floyd McDaniel, John Work, Danny Culpepper, Charles Mansfield, Mrs. Erle Mansfield, Mrs. Roy Word, Mrs. Fred Mansfield and the hostesses.

A crew of men was put to work Monday setting back fences on the highway this side of Privilege Creek. Machinery and equipment is arriving for the construction work, which is expected to be started early next week.
A grading camp has been established at Bandera Creek, a mile northeast of town.

Charges of murder were prepared today against John M. Pete McKenzie, oft convicted San Antonio killer, but now legally insane, for the slaying of Ted Rogers, Wichita County convict, behind the prison walls [in Huntsville] Saturday.
Lee Simmons, prison manager, said the slaying of Rogers might lead to another sanity hearing for McKenzie, wavy-haired youth who killed Sam Street, San Antonio chief of detectives, in 1929. Quickly sentenced to death in the electric chair for the Street slaying, McKenzie escaped death when declared insane.
Late Saturday McKenzie emerged from a bath house inside the prison walls and was attacked by Rogers, who wielded a stick of wood, convict witnesses said.
McKenzie backed into a corner, grabbed a homemade dirk from his hat and attacked Rogers. Rogers died several hours later, asking prison officials "not to do anything to McKenzie."