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Newspaper copy courtesy Waverly Lewis

A story from The Bandera New Era
Nov. 1, 1934
Newspaper copy courtesy Waverly Lewis

There is a great movement under way to get Congress to adopt the Townsend Old Age Pension Plan, which, if approved by our government will give a pension of $200 per month to all citizens over 60 years of age.
Such a pension would permit every citizen, male or female, who has reached the age of 60 years, and who has never been convicted of a felony, to apply for and receive the pension of $200 per month until death, upon the sole condition that he or she take oath to spend for goods or services the entire amount of the pension within the confines of the United States during the month in which the pension is received, and such pensioners shall refrain from all remunerative or productive occupation.
We do not know just how such a pension plan will work out, but if it offers aid and assistance to old people we are strictly for it.
We believe our government should provide for and take care of its aged citizens, particularly those who are destitute, and we would like to see every one of them receive3 a pension.
The amount of $200 per month may seem a lot of money to give folks, but if those same folks put it into circulation immediately the benefits will be far reaching.
Anyway, the measure will give our congressmen something to wrangle over, and mayhap it will be passed.
Write a letter to your congressman today, urging him to support the old age pension bill, and put your name on the petition that is being circulated asking congress to adopt the plan.
There will be a big rally at the school house in Medina on Friday night, Nov. 9, to forward the Townsend Old Age Plan.
Everybody is invited to attend this rally.

The Parent Teachers' Association will serve a chicken dinner and supper with all the trimmings at the Cox building on election day. During the noon hour the Musical Mountaineers will entertain with several delightful numbers. During and after the supper, election returns will be given out and a very interesting program will be given. Everybody is invited.