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- Bandera Gun Club - John Webber Shoot

By Jim Harris

Each year the club honors some of the referees who volunteer their time and effort to help make our shoots possible. The September shoot is named after John Webber who was a volunteer in Bandera for years and was the head referee for Texas at that time. This year the awards were based on the 28 gauge scores shot by our volunteers. David Hulsey scored a 98/100 to take the gold, JM Clements scored 94/100 for the silver, and Rodney Carroll turned in an 89/100 for third place. A special thanks to Raymond Adamietz and Don Lichtenegger who have given time and sweat for years to help the old club.
There were 36 entries in the Webber Memorial with a total of 16,100 targets thrown. Those kinds of numbers have for years won the Bandera Gun Club the Small Club of the Year award from NSSA.
The Trophy Buckles for the shoot are awarded to the HAA champions. The big gun this time was Bill Tanner (Austin) with a 483/500. Charles Lucas (England) was Runner-up with a 480/500. James Butler (Boerne) took the bronze with a 474/500. Kathleen Butler (Boerne) won the Ladies Championship with a 449/500.
Congratulations to Bandera Sub-Junior Jacob Carroll on his first 100/100 in the 20 gauge contest. He also won 3rd place in HOA.
The other winners were:
12 Gauge - CH - Bill Tanner 100/100; RU - James Butler 100/100; 3rd - LaDon Richardson (Uvalde) 99/100.
20 Gauge - CH - Bill Tanner 100/100; Jacob Carroll 100/100; 3rd Brian Tullett (Boerne) 99/100.
28 Gauge - CH - James Butler 98/100; RU - Bill Tanner 98/100; 3rd David Hulsey (Bandera) 98/100.
.410 Bore - CH - Charles Lucas 95/100; RU - Bill Tanner 94/100; Tomas Perry (New Braunfels) 91/100.
Doubles - CH - Douglas Minnig (Cottonwood) 95/100; RU - J.M. Clements 94/100; David Hulsey 93/100.
HOA - CH - Bill Tanner 392/400; RU - Charles Lucas 387/400; Jacob Carroll 385/400.
The next registered shoot is scheduled for Oct. 17-20. This shoot is the Chopper Club Championship with trophy buckles awarded to the winners of each class in addition to Junior, Lady and the usual HAA top three. The shoot is full at this time with a three person waiting list. Call the club to add your name to the waiting list in case of cancellations.
The Wednesday Fun Shoots are scheduled to continue through Oct. 30. The Oct. 2 shoot will be 20 gauge, Oct. 9 is 28 gauge and Oct. 16 is .410. Oct. 23 and 30 will be 12 and 20 gauge respectively.
So far this month JM Clements won the 20 gauge on the 4th with Jacob Carroll as runner-up, and David Hulsey too the 28 gauge shoot on the 11th with JM as runner-up. Bring your shotgun and some #9 shot shells and get some great practice.
The 78th World Skeet Championship is scheduled for the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio Sept. 27 through Oct. 4 and the National Sporting Clays Championships are held at the same location Oct. 22 through 27. This will be the largest shooting event in NSCA history. Estimates are for around 2,000 registered shooters.
Meantime, come on out to Bandera and "git-er-done @ 3-4-5!"