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B & G Club

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Bandera County just completed the first week of being a three unit organization. We saw record numbers and are serving more kids, more often! At Hill Country Elementary, we are already conducting prevention programs for kids and have started our Torch Club service organization! At Alkek Elementary, we have started the after school program with activities for kids of elementary age. Kids have had fun playing on the playground and enjoy a bigger space to have fun after school! Both Hill Country and Alkek Elementary Units were able to participate in the Celebrate Bandera Parade this past weekend! The Teen Center members have REALLY enjoyed a place to call their own. With activities for their own age group, they are having a great time creating new friendships and are developing at a correct rate after school. Teen members raised money at the rodeo this past weekend for Celebrate Bandera Events! All sites have started homework and parents seem happy, happy, happy that they are completing more before getting home! We are excited to serve Bandera County as the premier youth development organization in Bandera County!