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Carlyle to sign third book at DogLeg

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Award-winning author Doug Carlyle of Tarpley released his third novel titled "Boundaries" on Sept. 1. A release party will be held at The Dogleg Coffeehouse in Bandera from noon until close Saturday, Sept. 7.
Copies of Carlyle's books can be purchased locally at Dogleg, The Apple Store in Medina, Mac and Ernie's Eatery in Tarpley, and Utopia on Main in Utopia. They can also be ordered through Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.
While this is Carlyle's newest book, it is actually the first one he wrote. Agents and publishers counseled him to publish other books to develop a fan base before introducing such a lengthy and complex novel. Now his loyal readers are waiting in line for this one.
Carlyle, a paramedic with Bandera County EMS, sprinkles his 31 years of EMS experience into each of his novels. "Boundaries" deals with the subject of brain injuries and rehabilitation.
Mickey Rollins is an entrepreneur who has developed a new method to restore impaired brain function and memory. The only barrier is that it requires extensive human testing that the FDA will not approve. His girlfriend, Diane Alders, an executive with a medical device company, wants to find the next breakthrough technology for her company.
As fate would have it, she suffers a head injury while on vacation with Mickey. She becomes his first test subject, pushing the boundaries of science, ethics, and morality.
Carlyle's work in progress for release in 2014 is the first in a series of crime/detective series featuring a tough, young heroine named Cat Kavanagh, Army veteran and FBI agent.
You can often find Carlyle with his laptop sitting quietly in a corner at his favorite haunt, The Dogleg Coffeehouse. He's always ready to talk about any of his books.