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- Bandera Gun Club, Inc - Jack Moss Memorial

By Jim Harris

The kids did it again! The Jack Moss Memorial saw 39 shooters fire at 15,500 targets and it just goes to show you that young eyes and young reflexes are hard to beat. Most of us old timers already knew that but it's good to see the new crop coming on strong.
For instance: 20 Gauge -Jacob Carroll (Sub-Junior) Champion, Skeete Smitha (Sub Junior) third place, Austin Carroll (Junior) class B2; 28 Gauge - Jacob Brodbeck (Junior) AA3, Skeete Smitha A3, Jacob Carroll B1, Austin Carroll B3; 410 Bore - Austin Carroll Champion, Jacob Brodbeck Runner-up, Jacob Carroll third place, Skeete Smitha A1.
And HOA - Jacob Carroll Runner-up, Austin Carroll 3rd, Jacob Brodbeck A2, Skeete Smitha A3; and HAA - Austin Carroll Runner-up, Skeete Smitha A2, Jacob Carroll B1.
Some of the rest of us actually managed to win a class or two.
Bill Tanner from Austin took the HAA Gold buckle with a 484/500. Austin Carroll won the Silver with a 471/500, and Brian Tullett from Boerne won the Bronze buckle. The lady championship buckle went to Babette Burley from Boerne.
The other winners were:
12 Gauge - Champion - Bill Tanner 100/100; RU - Brian Tullett 100/100; 3rd - Don Snyder (San Antonio) 99/100.
20 Gauge - Champion - Jacob Carroll (Bandera) 98/100; RU - Babette Burley 97/100, 3rd Skeete Smitha 97/100.
28 Gauge - Champion - Scott Caudill (Fair Oaks Ranch) 99/100; JM Clements (Bandera) 99/100; Bill Tanner 98/100.
.410 Bore - Champion - Austin Carroll (Bandera) 99/100; RU - Jacob Brodbeck (San Antonio) 97/100; 3rd - Jacob Carroll 95/100.
Doubles - Champion - Bill Tanner 95/100; James Butler (Boerne) 94/100; 3rd - Brian Tullett 94/100.
HOA - Champion - Bill Tanner 389/400; RU - Jacob Carroll 382/400; 3rd - Austin Carroll 380/400.
HAA- Champion - Bill Tanner 484/500; RU - Austin Carroll 471/500; 3rd - Brian Tullett 467/500.
The next registered shoot will be the John Webber Memorial, Sept. 12 - 15. This shoot honors the volunteer referees who help out at the club each year.
The August event at the club will be the Blue Bell Ice Cream & Antique Firearms Shoot on August 10.
The Wednesday Fun Shoot is providing lots of good practice for both new and experienced shooters and this event is non-registered and open to the public. Just show up around 4:30 pm on Wednesday afternoons and join in the fun.
Meanwhile - come on out to Bandera and "git-er-done @ 3-4-5."

Pictured: Courtesy photo
2013 Jack Moss Memorial HAA champions included Brian Tullet, third; Babette Burley, lady champion; Austin Carroll, runner up; and Bill Tanner, champion.