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Linda Vos - Nagel Clinic's 2012 Volunteer of the Year

Special to the Courier

Lab Tech Specialist Linda Vos, CLT, has been elected by her peers as the 2012 Volunteer of the Year for the Arthur Nagel Community Clinic. A volunteer at the clinic since 2010, the Pipe Creek native was instrumental in setting up protocols for the clinic's on-site laboratory.
Vos has 43 years of laboratory experience - 28 as a clinical laboratory scientist at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio. Every Thursday morning, she checks lab procedures, runs equipment quality control checks and performs required weekly protocol checks. She also works one-on-one with patients, doing blood draws and administering other lab tests as needed.
"I feel truly blessed to be able to work with such a group of caring, dedicated people, and it has been such an rewarding experience for me both personally and professionally," Vos said. "I feel the clinic is a tremendous asset to the community."
"We are so fortunate to have Linda on board at the clinic," said Executive Director K. Irene Stone. "To have someone here of her caliber and her experience has been a Godsend. She helps us when she is not at her 'real' job at Methodist Hospital. Plus she is our own personal cheerleader - always remembering staff and volunteers on their birthdays or special holidays. She makes coming to work fun for everyone!"
Concurring, Nurse Practitioner Margarita Sloan added, "Linda has been invaluable to the clinic. When we first opened our doors, we were overwhelmed at the prospect of setting up a fully functioning clinic laboratory. Linda just showed up on our doorstep one day and volunteered to help.
"She set up the protocol book for the clinic and was able to get the appropriate medical personnel to review and sign off on it. She devised safety procedures and files them for easy access by the staff. Linda also keeps us abreast of the latest happenings in the ever-changing clinical laboratory field. We are truly blessed to have her here at the clinic."
As Vos explained, "I had seen a help wanted ad for volunteers in the Courier, and I called to offer my services. It sounded like something I would want to participate in and it's been a great fit for me."
In addition to being selected as 2012 Volunteer of the Year, Vos has received several other honors for her professionalism, including "Employee of the Quarter" by Methodist Hospital in 2012.
Others who have been designated as Volunteers of the Year at the Arthur Nagel Community Clinic include Sandra Hoyland, 2009; Sabrina McGugin, CMA, 2010; and Angelica Arroela-Hernandez, 2011.
According to Stone, volunteers play a key role at the community healthcare clinic. "In 2012, 14 volunteers donated a total of 2,390 hours," she said. "At $21.76 an hour, the going rate for volunteers, according to the government, that added up to $52,000 of free labor given to benefit our Bandera County community."
Volunteers are used for both medical and office help, Stone said, adding that computer experience or the ability to speak Spanish is a "big, big plus in carrying out the clinic's mission."
To volunteer at the clinic, contact Stone at 830-796-3448 or visit for more information.
The Arthur Nagel Community Clinic, located in Bandera at 1116 12th Street, at the Helping Hand Complex. Clinic hours are 8:30 to 4 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Pictured: K. Irene Stone, executive director of the Arthur Nagel Community Clinic, presents Linda Vos, CLT, with a plaque for being selected the healthcare clinic's 2012 Volunteer of the Year.