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The Bandera Co. Sports Complex gets lights

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

It was good news last fall when the Bandera County Sports Complex learned the nonprofit organization had received a $50,000 grant from the Baseball Tomorrow Fund (BTF) for the installation of lights at the Senior League Field.
This week, the lights arrived and F&W Electrical Contractors, Inc. out of Floresville set up the poles and got everything working.
The Sports Complex covers 32 acres next to Mansfield Park that include three baseball fields, one softball field, soccer and flag football fields, and spacious concession buildings and restrooms.
Partnering with BTF was Musco Sports Lighting, LLC, which provided the new field lighting at a significant discount. The cutting edge lights will allow Bandera to realize more than a 50 percent energy savings over a standard lighting system by using the Light-Structure Green™ system. They also offer the added benefit of eliminating all maintenance for the next 25 years while still meeting their desired light levels twice as long as other available technologies.
Field lights will allow the Senior League to field five teams instead of two.
John Milner, Bandera Sports Complex director, said, "The field lights will increase practice and game times, thus giving more teams the chance to participate in the great game of baseball. Also, the complex will serve as a center piece for the sport in our county by allowing us to host tournaments."
Other major supporters of the project included the Hal & Charlie Peterson Foundation and The Cailloux Foundation.
The Bandera County Sports Complex was established in 2002 and currently serves around 800 youth ranging in age from 5 to 18. All of them are already looking forward to the opening of the season in mid-March.

Pictured: The Light-Structure Green system lighting installed at the Senior League field at the Bandera County Sports Complex are energy saving and virtually maintenance free. The small laser mounted below the lights helps the construction crew make sure the pole is straight once it's installed.

A pre-fabricated concrete support pole was dropped into a 14-foot deep hole and cemented in place with two yards of concrete to serve as the foundation of the light poles.

The crane operator with F&W Electrical Contractors, Inc. had a gentle but sure touch on the controls to lift the 70-foot pole weighting over 3,000 pounds and slide it onto the concrete foundation pole.

Photos by Carolyn Edwards
A member of the F&W crew makes sure the light fixtures don't spin around and hit the ground as the crane begins lifting. Job foreman for F&W Contractors for the Bandera project was Javier Sanchez.

With the help of a lot of Dawn detergent, the metal pole slips onto the concrete support pole.