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Newspaper copy courtesy Waverly Lewis

A story from The Bandera New Era
Dec. 24, 1931
Newspaper copy courtesy Waverly Lewis

• An ad from Billings & Son, Druggists said: "Owing to the present conditions of things due to the depression, and the fact that we have considerable owing to us, we are forced to adopt a strictly cash policy for the future. We regret that we cannot extend credit for purchases even in the smallest amounts, and we are sure that you will commend this move on our part when you under stand that we must pay cash for our supplies, as the wholesale drug houses are not extending liberal credit any more. ...our limited capital makes it imperative that we sell on a cash basis, else we will be forced to quit business." The week's specials included Vick's Vapo-rub, Mentholatum, Sal Hepatica, Bromo Quinine and Mountain Pine Cough Syrup.
• Remainder of stock of S. Adamson must be sold, in December, regardless of values. Come and see the many bargains we have left. Men's shirts, underwear, collars, ties, suspenders, cuff buttons, shoes, caps and hats.
Boys caps, pants, shoes and hats.
Ladies' hose, shoes and bedroom slippers.
A large assortment of children's hose, anklets and shoes, real quality.
Thread, lace, ribbon, tape, buttons, shoestrings, braid, etc.
$3 fountain pens for $1 each.
Children's shoes as low as 75 cents and $1 a pair, regular $2.50 values.
Prices on all of the above items reduced to half and less of the original selling price. Come and investigate and save money. We have many other items too numerous to mention.
[signed] TJ Adamson, adm.

Dr. Rea...specialist in stomach, liver, and bowel diseases, as complicated with blood, skin, lungs, nerves... pellagra, neuritis, bedwetting, leg ulcers, slow growth and deformities in children....small tumors, skin cancer, tubercular glands, moles, warts, facial blemishes, piles, fistulas, varicose veins, treated with hypodermic injection method.
Bear in mind that his treatment is different.
Married women should come with their husbands, and children with parents.