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Friday's great fun at 2013 stock show

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

1. Photos by Judith Pannebaker
Summer Haby got up close and personal with a very intense long-haired curly thingie. I've since found out, it's an Angora goat. Well, the 7 year old didn't know what it was either, so there!

2. Photos by Judith Pannebaker
Hailey Morgan, 15, took a poke at her porker for this picture. BTW and FTR, the sociable swine is a Duroc.

3. Sixteen-year-olds, Dana Zavorka and Jenny Watson, proudly showed off their "wascally wabbits."

4. Maci, 9, and Mattie Morrison, 12, worked hard to spiff up their Medium Wool Sheep for the judging.

5. Brianna Stenger, 11, and Carley Bishop, 12, had their sweet Dexter heifers firmly in hand.

6. Among them, Kayla Morgan, 10; Kerri DeLeon, 15; and Greg Selement, 15, raised a quintet of Cross and York pigs for this year's Junior Livestock Show.

7. Lindsy "I'm Not Showing" Lewis, 7, assisted her sister, Caitlin, 10 - who was - feed and water her broilers. For the uninitiated, that's a type of chicken, I think. I just know they weren't fryers.

8. Now this is what I call service. Victoria Golightly, 13, gave her Breeding Sheep a onceover with a blow drier.

9. Brothers Cade and Cord Koenig waited patiently to register their sheep at the check-in station on Thursday, Jan. 10.

10. Mary Hevenor, 15, good-naturedly mugged with her seemingly very pampered Medium Wool Lambs.

11. Texas A&M student Michelle Derry put the finishing touches on the tail of her brother's livestock show project. I forgot to ask what kind of bovine it was, sorry.

12. Two Paradees, Kaylin, 7, and Dustin, 13, attempted to have their recalitrant chicken "smile for the birdie." On second though, that chicken might just be the birdie.

13. Blake Mangold, 9; Alex Bauml, 13; Kyle Bauml, 15; and Kyle Wilson, 15, posed in front of their tribe of turkeys - or whatever a lot of turkeys is called. None of them would fit in my oven. Obviously, Austin Wilson is not pictured, but he raised them, too.

Although I hail from West Virginia, I've never really been comfortable with things rural. I don't even like to dine al fresco at Mulberry 's Wine Bar & Bistro. However, to my credit, one time I did manage to toddle up - and down - a muddy bank in pumps to retrieve the skeletal head of an Axis buck I had watched decompose all summer. That said, I believe I've paid my rustic dues.
For those reasons - and more - the Courier's Agrarian Editor Carolyn B. Edward has covered the Bandera County Junior Livestock Show for the last several years. This year, however, she was embroiled in a lengthy meeting of the river authority and the task fell to me.
Well, all in all, I found the experience enjoyable and interesting - albeit quite intimidating. But, to be fair, I even learned a couple of things. Raising animals or poultry or putting together a workshop project seems a wonderful way to promote responsibility in youths. (Was that an idea I just discovered?) If I had it to do over again - and a livestock show were offered - I'd probably participate.
The 4-Hers and FFAers were very patient with me and the animals looked great - although I admit there's a soft in my heart for the pigs. Must spring from that tear-jerking original film version of "Charlotte's Web." Everyone looked like a winner to me.
Now, if only the categories of "Dressed Fruit and Vegetables" could be added, everything would be perfect.
A stock show tab will be included in the Thursday, Jan. 24, edition of the Courier, with photos and information about the winners. Until then, enjoy these faux candid snaps.