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Newspaper copy courtesy Waverly Lewis

A story from The Bandera New Era
December 24, 1931
Newspaper copy courtesy Waverly Lewis

Judge HE Haass, of Hondo sends us an old copy of the Bandera Enterprise, dated Sept. 8, 1898, just a little more than 33 years ago. George J. Fee was the editor and owner of the Enterprise at that time, and printed a real newsy paper for Bandera.
Local news items gleaned from this old paper are as follows:
"The wild turkeys are ripe and some Banderians have been disturbing their range already. They are said to be quite scarce this season." In this depressed year of 1931, wild turkeys are more plentiful.
"Last week while working at the courthouse, Bob Stevens took his horse over the steps in the courthouse yard to eat some of the fine grass therein. When he went to take him out the horse rebelled, and refused to mount the steps. They got him out next day." Our courthouse yard still affords splendid pasturage, and it is a problem to keep the old town cows from opening the gates to get in.
"On last Thursday evening another eloping couple from Kerrville came to Bandera to get married. The contracting parties were Mr. Warren Coleman and Miss Janie Harrison. They were accompanied by WT Tarver, a cousin of the groom. When they arrived here they applied to County Clerk Montague for license. The affidavit of the girl was taken to the fact that she was of age, when the papers were issued, and Rev. JD Worrell being on hand, the ceremony was performed at the courthouse. After the marriage they returned to Kerrville." Elopements of the old order are not in vogue these days. Now intentions to wed have to be filed and three days must elapse before license is issued.
According to the county directory published in the Enterprise, the following county officers were serving, [among others]: AL Scott, county surveyor; JW Moore, hide and animal inspector; TA Anderwald, deputy hide and animal inspector. Justices of the Peace were listed in this way: "JW Moore, Precinct No. 1; Don't want any in, Precinct No. 2; RP Reeves, Precinct No. 3; WJ O'Brien, Precinct No. 4; FM York, Precinct No. 5."
In the postal directory we learn that the mail from San Antonio via Boerne, arrived daily, except Sundays, at 12 o'clock noon, and departed at 1 pm to Medina Tuesdays and Fridays. To Hondo Tuesdays and Saturdays.