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It all adds up at Tammie Jones, PC, CPA

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Math isn't every business owner's favorite activity. They're better at driving trucks, moving dirt or baking cakes. But the end of the month keeps coming around and bills need to be paid, invoices need to be sent out, payroll needs to be met, tax reports need to be filed, and it always seems like April 15 falls every six months!
No matter what kind of business you own, a good part of your time will be taken up with doing the math.
Tammie Jones enjoys making the numbers add up. In the accounting field for many years, the certified public accountant (CPA) can handle any and all math challenges facing local business owners.
"I bought property here in 2011," said the owner of Tammie Jones, PC, CPA, in Bandera. "My family was farm based and I always wanted to have the space. In San Antonio, the neighbors are too close."
Jones opened her own business in San Antonio in 1999, and opened the Bandera office this year.
"We specialize in bookkeeping, payroll and financial statements," said Jones. Jones began her career in health related businesses, acting as the comptroller for a home health agency, and overseeing the accounting for a hospital, a nursing service and a hospice. Consequently, she offers excellent services for numerous medical related small businesses and physicians.
"But we have a lot of non-medical businesses, too, on our client list," she said. Those clients represent businesses from Corpus to El Paso. "The technology today really simplifies our service," Jones said. "The clients can e-fax the data to us and we can do payroll, taxes, bank statements, whatever they need."
With tax season just around the corner, Jones and her staff are ready to help with individual as well as business tax forms.
"I'm currently the sole owner of the firm," said Jones, "but I have two staffers in the San Antonio office who are working on becoming certified public accountants (CPAs). I'm hoping to bring them into the company, so I can spend more time in Bandera."
Currently, the Bandera office is staffed full time, Monday through Friday, by staff accountant, Sandy Lansford. Jones comes in on Mondays and Thursdays, and anticipates working here more days of the week as tax season gets underway.
In addition to being a CPA, Jones is also a licensed financial advisor. Because of that training, Jones can "look at the whole picture for a business. We look at the business, we look at the owner. Do they need a retirement plan? Do they need to change the way they are doing their business?" She does financial advising in conjunction with her business clients. If someone just needs a financial advisor, she will be happy to do a referral.
Owning your own business can be challenging, said Jones. "It's not 8-5, it's 24-7. Sometimes I have to not come in on weekends, sometimes I have to go home at a reasonable hour."
Jones credits a "great staff that supports me" for giving her the "time to concentrate on the client and look at [their needs]."
Why should a small business consider using a CPA instead of just doing the finances or hiring a bookkeeper? "CPAs will look at the big picture more often. We have to complete 120 hours of continuing education every three years and keep on top of the changes in tax rules and regs and reporting requirements. A financial statement from a CPA will be held to strict standards," said Jones.
"We'll look at what's going on in your business. How is a new rule going to affect you? We look at the tax liability of business decisions, any issues with debt. We're problem solvers," said Jones.
Many small business owners hesitate to use a CPA because they think they can't afford one. "We like to customize our services for our clients, so we keep our rates reasonable. We want to have a long-term relationship with our clients," explained Jones. "It's a win-win for us, because as the client's business grows, we can offer more services."
If you enjoy handling your own finances, but could use a little help, Jones also offers training in QuikBooks, payroll and more.
The office of Tammie Jones, PC, CPA, is located at 236 State Highway 16 S, in the former Radio Shack building. Call 830-796-9100 for the Bandera office, or 210-616-9990 for the San Antonio location.