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A story from The Bandera New Era
March 19, 1925
Newspaper copy courtesy Roy Chancy

This volume of the New Era was volume 45 of the paper's ninth year. Advertising included ads from Ruge's Garage and Bus Line offering "seven-passenger Buick bus service" leaving Bandera at 8 am with "careful drivers," Billings and Sons Druggists, Miss LM Robertson, Chiropractor with "office at the City Hotel, and the OST Confectionery and Café, James Cox, proprietor, announcing "new and up-to-date, clean and sanitary" with "polite and efficient service."

The musical given at the high school auditorium last Saturday night by the Medina School Boys' Band, was greatly enjoyed by those who attended, and those who failed to attend certainly missed a rare treat. The band is composed of several members and all are good musicians, the instruments being violins, saxophone, guitars and piano. Besides the band selections saxophone solos were rendered by Mr. David Tallman, Hawaiian music was given by Charlie Akin, and vocal solos were given by Mrs. EH Sewall, Mrs. FP Layton was piano accompanist, EJ Banta, with banjo, and Thomas Coleman with guitar, ....delighted the audience. We hope the Medina School Boys Band will come again some of these days, when it is hoped that a larger audience will turn out to hear their music.

Among those who came down from Medina Saturday night for the entertainment at the high school auditorium were Mr. And Mrs. David Tallman, Mrs. EM Dowty, Mrs. Tallman, Mrs. EH Sewall and sons, Mr. and Mrs. FM Layton, Mr. and Mrs. EJ Banta, Miss Fern Banta, JY Dowty, Russell LeStourgeon, Hough LeStourgeon, Thomas Coleman and Charlie Akin.

• The Texas Legislature is scheduled to adjourn sine die today. But little has been done by the law-making body, other than granting amnesty to Jim Ferguson, and passing appropriation bills.
• Already Bandera is beginning to realize the benefits of a good road to San Antonio, each weekend the number of visitors from the metropolis is increasing, and with the coming of the balmy days of springtime, the influx will be greater. It pays to build good roads.
• During the past month several thefts have occurred in this county, which is a very unusual thing to happen in Bandera. For years our jail has stood open, which spoke volumes for the law-abiding spirit of our people. Now, it seems, some sort of a degenerate individual, or individuals, has found lodgment in our midst and starts out to appropriate other people's property. If he is apprehended justice, swift and sure, will be dealt out to him, and he will wish he had never heard of Bandera County.