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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Welcome, Billy Clyde!

Doug White

Before I get started on this week's story, I wish to report that Beth is doing very well and is getting ready for her first treatment of chemo.

We are very confident that the treatment, even though not really desired, however very necessary, will be a success!

On Jan. 19, 20I2, I read in the Courier that we have a new member of our team - the one and only Billy Clyde Wright! I cannot express in words what an honor it is to have Billy working with the Courier.

The kudos that were written about his loyalty and dedication to his work are second to none!

He is such a wonderful person. I have known Billy Clyde since the third grade and he has always had the right stuff in him.

We had our share of playground battles. I have come to his aid and he to mine. He was beyond a classmate, he was a real friend, then and now!

I remember getting him in trouble in a class taught by Coach John Wilton.

The Coach had his back to us and I threw a wad of paper at Billy. Billy cut loose and shouted out loud, "Darn you Doug!" Or something to that effect.

Anyhow, Coach spun around and gave Billy the "Look." No one wanted the "Look." Poor Billy got the full look treatment.

And then Coach Wilton, said, "Get out of my class."

Billy replied, "But, Mr. Wilton?"
Coach cut him off and said, "I said get out of my class!"

Reluctantly, Billy left the class.

This incident of injustice bugged me for over 40 years. How could I make it up to Billy Clyde?

Then a day came in the mid 90s when I happened to see Coach Wilton in San Antonio. I told him that I needed the "Look."

I explained to him that I owed it to Billy Clyde. Coach then got very serious and gave me the "Look."

Even though I was not in school, that look really shook me.

Nobody could do that look better than Coach John Wilton!

So Billy, there it is in the nutshell, ol' buddy.

It only took some 40 years to even up the score.

Welcome to the Bandera County Courier, man.

I hope you enjoyed the story.