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Thursday December 14, 2017
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The vision quest

Bill Ellis

A young man wanted to go on a vision quest. He wanted to be a medicine man. He wanted to be great, but he needed a vision.

He had been raised by good, honest people who fed him good meat and corn to make him strong. They set aside food for the spirits that would help him.

When he started up the mountain, two medicine men came with him. They built a sweat lodge to purify him.

They blessed him with sweet grass and sage.

At the top of the mountain, they dug a vision pit and made offerings of tobacco. They told the young man to humble himself and to ask for holiness.

The young man spent the first night in his vision hole. He was terrified. He trembled and cried out. No vision came.

Voices came out of the dawn, saying, "Why don't you go somewhere else? There are other places for you to go. Your crying kept us all awake. The animals could not sleep. You are not ready for a vision."

The young man did not leave. He spent another night in the pit. A huge boulder was rolling down the hill.

Suddenly the boulder rolled back up the hill. Again the boulder rolled down the hill. Then it rolled back up. Once again, the boulder rolled down the hill and crushed everything.

The young man returned to his village totally defeated. He said, "I learned nothing."

The old men said, "You did learn something. Nothing owes you a vision.

A vision comes as a gift of humility and patience."

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