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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Helping Hand announces opening of furniture 'barn'

Judith Pannebaker

Bandera County Helping Hand is pleased to announce the official opening of our new building, which we call the Furniture Barn. It is the same building we used to house the indoor activities at the Christmas Festival we hosted last month. The barn is finished now and we will use it to house the large items that will not fit in our Thrift Store, such as gently used furniture and working appliances. This way we can keep our furniture and appliances out of the weather.

We still need non-perishable food items, including meats. And we still need coats, sweaters, jackets and blankets for the cold days ahead.

A woman came to us in sad shape. She and her husband, child and father-in-law moved here from out-of-state. She and her husband got jobs and things seemed fine. But her husband left her. Later her father-in-law left, too. But the older man also left with her purse, all her money and the car.

Since she could not get to work she lost her job and then her place to live. We put her up in a motel until a friend from her previous state came to get her and take her and her child back.

An older woman lives in an RV and is on disability. She has no car and does not get food stamps. She had not eaten in three days so she walked to Helping Hand and asked for food. We fed her and supplied her with groceries.

A young family with a baby needed some assistance. Mom works but Dad cannot as he is waiting for a lung transplant. With their medical expenses her income leaves them a little short. We gave them food and helped keep their electricity on.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to Helping Hand or shop at our Thrift Store, come to 1116 12th St. in Bandera or mail to PO Box 1092, Bandera, TX 78003.

For more information call Jesse or Laura at 830-796-8300 or visit our Web site at