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Thursday December 14, 2017
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How the People got fire

Bill Ellis

In the beginning there was no fire. The world was cold.
The Thunders sent lightning and started a fire in a hollow sycamore tree.
The animals knew the fire was there but they could not get to it.
The raven offered to go, but he was scorched black by the heat.
The little screech owl volunteered. While he was looking down into the hollow tree, a blast of hot air almost burned his eyes out.
The hoot owl and the screech owl went together. They came back without fire because the fire was so hot.
The little black snake went. He sneeked into the tree by a hole in the bottom. He almost caught fire himself.
Then the water spider said that she would go. The water spider spun her web like a bowl and fastened it on her back. She went to where the fire was burning and put one little coal of fire into her bowl.
Little water spider brought back fire for everyone else.
Modern man does not appreciate fire. We have steam-heated houses, gas hot water heaters and electric coffee makers.
Not too many years ago, we could not live without fire. It cooked the food, heated the homes and made our tools and household utensils.

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