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Thursday December 14, 2017
The Courier is Celebrating the Christmas Holidays!
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The Christmas train

Doug White

I love to see a train set up around the Christmas tree. It just seems to make it a bit more complete to me.

I remember as a child having my old Marx train set, all metal, going around our tree back in the early 50s.

While stationed in Spokane, WA, at Fairchild Air Force Base, my wife Beth found a Marx train set at a flea market. She knew I loved old trains and she bought it for me. The train was in super shape and ran perfectly.

I still have that train packed away in some of my old hold baggage somewhere!

I also remember Dad and Mom giving me my first Lionel train set here in Pipe Creek back in the late 50s. The engine alone must have weighed close to 10 pounds! I set that train up around our Christmas tree every year until I enlisted in the US Army in '68.

I came home on Christmas leave one year from Savanah and to my surprise, my dad had that train set out, but not actually connected to the track. Well, I took care of that little problem and before we knew it, that good ol' Lionel steam engine was doing its thing, pulling its rolling stock behind with no problems.

Mom and Dad enjoyed seeing that, and I knew it had brought back some memories of Christmas past. The Lionel train is also packed away in a safe place. Maybe I'll get around to setting it up again someday.

This year I set up a G scale Santa train set that I purchased back in September from the Salvation Army store in Kerrville.

I think I paid less than five dollars for it. It needed some TLC and the next thing I knew it was running like a champ. It ran so well, that I set it up to go around our Christmas 2011 Tree!

The train is remote controlled and has some sound effects, the chug-chug- chug, along with a whistle and bell. It even has a button for Christmas music. Not a bad deal for under five bucks!

My cats love watching the train run while it's making all the sound effects.

I noticed that when it is playing Christmas music, Miss Kitty will approach it and put her paw softly on the coal tender where the sound is coming from. It's really fun watching three of my feline friends, Miss Kitty, Boots and Socks, react to the Christmas train.

Well, it almost time to put it away and wait for the next Christmas Season.

I hope you enjoyed this week's story.