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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Old cats and memories

Doug White

Well, after finding out that my oldest kitty (TP) Tiger Paws, was 100 years old after Carolyn Edwards, the Courier's staff writer, computed my 21 human years to cat years, I checked on my other cats to see which one might be close to TP's age.
Bingo! MoGize is from TP's second litter of kittens. She is right at 17 years old. That would make her 85 years young! When she was a young kitty, her grey tabby pattern could not be any more perfectly done. One day when she rolled over for me to pet her, the colors of her belly were even more brilliant. She had this light brown tint to the tabby lines.
She has always been hard to get close to. She used to surprise me at times and jump in my lap and allow me to pet her just a little, then she was gone. Now that she is much older her super shyness has diminished quite a bit.
As for me, there are mixed feelings watching these cats get so old.
Yes, I do respect their aging, however, it is tough watching them lose their hearing and, in the case of MoGize, some of her sight also.
TP and her last baby, MoGize, tolerate each other. TP does not like to hang around the other cats much. She pretty much does her own thing.
I have to be really careful when driving vehicles around here. The two old cats get right in the middle of the driveway and will not move. Many times I have actually gotten out of my vehicle to assure they are clear. It is sort of a pain to have to keep an eye out for them.
I realize that they are very special cats and that I must allow them the time to live out their lives. I am so pleased that their lives have been so complete and disease free.
That says a lot about TP's genes.
I cannot give you an accurate number of all the wonderful animal friends that I had to bury out here from the early 60s to just last year with the loss of my wonderful dog, Lucky Lady.
Time in my book is the best healer, whether it be the loss of any loved one or a pet. I have been blessed with these survivors!

I hope you enjoyed this week's article.