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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Making music

Bill Ellis

The American Indian did not use only drums to make music.

Some Native Americans played the mouth bow. This was a hunting bow that was placed between the teeth and played like a Jew's harp. This was the only stringed instrument developed by the American Indian. My dad played the mouth bow.
Some early Indians played the flute. The Incas played flutes called guenas. These flutes were made of reed or bone. They could produce five notes. Plains Indians made flutes from the wing bones of eagles. My son-in-law in modern times makes his flutes from PVC. The hymn "Amazing Grace" was written for the Indian flute before contact with Europeans. The words to "Amazing Grace" are English, but the tune is Cherokee.
Indians also used rattles and pan pipes. The Anasazi made bells from pottery. Peruvian Indians made tambourines. The Inca made a cymbal of copper. There are like the cymbals of modern musicians.
To the American Indian, the drum was sacred. Since a hide was stretched over a log, we figure that a buffalo had to die to make our drum. The animal lives on in our drum.

Chicken Salad
Boil a chicken until the meat comes off the bone. Pull the meat off in large pieces. You want chunks of meat you can taste. Add lots of mayo, chopped celery, sweet relish and pimento. Serve in sandwiches or with crackers.
Now put the carcass back in the pot and boil it down until you have a good soup stock. Take the carcass out. Add chopped celery, onion and a big handful of rice to make a chicken soup. This makes one skinny chicken go a long way.