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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Books & cats

Doug White

Our staff writer, Carolyn Edwards, is getting ready to write an article in celebration of National Book Blitz Month. She's putting together an article about favorite books. So, look out for her article in the near future.
In support of her mission, I thought this would be a good time to mention a really cool book that I came across while visiting my friend's store, Treasure Hills. The owner, who I call Big Al, had all kinds of neat stuff in his Kerrville store.
Don't try to find it, because he finally sold it after 30 years of business.
The book is called "The Wartime Scrapbook from Blitz to Victory 1939 -1945." It was compiled by Robert Opie and illustrates a unique period in history.
Opie sure did a super job on the 59-page scrapbook of wartime Britain - from Blitz to Victory, "drawn from his own unrivalled collection."
You never know what treasures you'll find when going through an antique store!
I love my find and now it's a valued submission to Carolyn's project! Like you, I will be looking forward to her future article in support of National Book Blitz Month.
I'd like to give you an update on one of my four feline friends that I rescued this last summer. Socks is a beautiful long-haired cat. Now, I usually don't like long-haired cats, but this lady's long hair is so soft and she feels so nice.
I noticed that when she sleeps she is totally relaxed to the point that I can pick her up and she just goes limp. She comes out of her sleep very nicely.
At times, I will be in my favorite rocker and, out of nowhere, Socks will jump up on my lap and just purr away.

I hope you enjoyed this week's article.