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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Aqueducts - Olmecs beat the Romans

Bill Ellis

Aqueducts are channels used to carry water from one place to another. Aqueducts are gravity operated. They did not have pumps back then.
The Olmec, a Middle American people, built aqueducts about 1700 BC.
The Romans did not build aqueducts until approximately 300 BC.
The Olmec built their aqueducts out of basalt.
Basalt is a very dense, hard and heavy volcanic rock. There are still basalt mining operations in the Texas town of Knippa.
The Olmec carved basalt into U-shaped blocks and then laid them end-to-end. The blocks were then set into clay as a cushion, and covered with a flat capstone that protected the purity of the water in the aqueduct.
Water was piped through the aqueducts for farming purposes and for drinking water.
In 1000 AD, the Inca built aqueducts to irrigate their fields and for drinking water. The aqueducts were built across ravines.
Some aqueducts were over 50 feet high and over a mile long.
Aqueducts were built on marshes and swamps.
The capstones were also used as altars and monuments.

Strawberry Soup
In a food processor, blend two cups cold strawberries, one cup low fat buttermilk and a tablespoon plus one teaspoon sugar. Chill and serve ice cold.