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Thursday December 14, 2017
The Courier is Celebrating the Christmas Holidays!
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Christmas Present

Mikie Baker

Once I discovered that My New Boyfriend was also born on Halloween, I shook my head and said, “Then I suppose you’ve got 12 boxes of Halloween decorations, too.” Amazingly, he replied, “No, I really don’t have any.” I was shocked because most of my decorations are from well-meaning friends who say, “Well, she was born on Halloween, so a decorative jack-o-lantern would make a great gift!” Maybe it would have, if I didn’t have 237 of them already.
Admittedly, I’ve amassed quite a Halloween decorative outlet mall selection of seasonal sensations. And MNB doesn’t even own one skeleton. I know, because I’ve checked all his closets.
My fear was that he wouldn’t want to decorate for Christmas either. I’m still suffering from Christmas Is On You Syndrome due to Dearly Departed Husband. He never lifted one finger to help put up any decorations. He always said, “Christmas is on you. I don’t decorate.”
I single-handedly created a Winter Wonderland every year complete with three ornate Christmas trees, a garland-wrapped two story staircase and twinkling lights outside our humble abode. Unfortunately, I was afraid of heights so our house never had any lights on it, but we had the best lit sidewalk in the neighborhood.
So I was prepared to find myself stuck with another non-decorator. Boy was I ever wrong. My New Boyfriend embraces Christmas like it’s the only holiday all year. It requires days of planning and a week of methodical execution.
Last year, I decorated my house – the East Wing and he decorated his – the West Wing. It was a lovely season with me strolling back and forth between two beautiful winter wonderlands. But this year, everything changed.
As usual I was quick on the draw to get my decorations up. I hit it early, had all my packages “Amazoned” in over a three day period (I’m still hoping for drone deliveries before I die), and all my purchases are already wrapped and under the tree. I was determined to celebrate the season with whatever might come my way as I was done with all my hustle and bustle.
But I forgot about the West Wing.
Once I had put up everything at my abode, I was requested to help on the other side of the mountain with Christmas Central. When I got there, the place was a disaster. There were Christmas boxes all over the living room, out on the front porch and still more waiting in the storage shed. The 8-foot tree was up, but only slightly “fluffed” and there wasn’t a decoration or light is sight.
My New Boyfriend explained that my mission, while he fixed the bathroom door, was to put the lights on the tree and hang all the decorations. I was fine on the lights, but he has a bunch of those real fancy glass ornaments that cost like $150 each and I feared I had already had too much eggnog to not smash a couple to smithereens.
What does that word mean anyway?
I spent the whole day on that dang tree but it sure looks good now. This morning when he announced we were going to work on decorating the forest of garland that hangs in three different rooms, I snuck out the back door and headed back to the safety of the East Wing where Christmas is already done.
Frankly, I’m looking forward to Christmas Future when the grandkids come and do the whole thing for us.
As for you, dear reader, have a lovely holiday season with you and yours. See you next year!