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Thursday December 14, 2017
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WOW! What a parade!

Doug White

Wow, what a wonderful parade and a fine day for it too. It was in Hondo on Saturday, Sep 16. I had a childhood friend join me for the fun. Kenneth Edwards and I had a blast and the Hondo crowd was very large and everyone seemed to enjoy the day. Kenneth and I got a kick out of a large locomotive that passed while we were on the move during the parade and the engine crew waved at that large chicken on our float.
I don't have a positive number of participants in the parade, but I can tell you it was pretty large. I wish I could have posted all the photos I took. They were all winners in my book! Anyhow, my friend Kenneth said, "it was a hoot" to be a part of this very special parade. As I told some of the folks lined up to watch the parade, “There ain't nothing like a fine parade, and today you have one." Well, that's about it for now have a super week and know that fall isn't that far away.