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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Two Kinds of Hurricanes

Mikie Baker

Whether you were born here or not, you can see that a category four hurricane is no match for Texas. I suppose it started at the Alamo, but somehow this state’s battle cry has always been the same – “We’re Texas and nobody messes with us!”
Now if you’re a snowbird and you’re still scratching your head over the way we love Texas and Texans, let me try to explain a few simple Texas facts. When we’re born, our mamas wrap us up in something with a Texas flag on it. By the time we’re three, we know the Texas flag is the only flag that flies the same height as the American Flag. Before first grade, we can sing, “Texas, Our Texas” and by junior high we’ve spent a year studying nothing but Texas history. We know every battle, every hero from the Alamo and what the six flags stand for.
We’re also aware that El Paso is closer to LA than it is to Dallas and that it’s real easy to drive all day long and still be in this vast, dynamic state. Plus, the state of Texas’ economy is the tenth largest in the world. Everything’s bigger and better here.
To that end, when we are presented with the worst hurricane every recorded, we come from every corner of the state to help each and every Texan and other Americans in every way possible. FEMA’s still taking notes of what we Texans can do.
So for all you non-Texans out there I say, “Take the spirit of Texas back to your state. We will be a much stronger nation if we all face our problems together, side by side. And to you, Texas I say, God Bless Your Heart!”
Now let’s all take a moment to thank the hundreds of thousands of people who have come to the aid of so many who have lost so much. We salute you and thank you. You make this world a better place.
Finally, to all those who have to start over from the beginning losing many lifetime memories, it’s just a day at a time. We’ve all been through loss, heartache and hard times. We feel your pain. We help you with our time and donations. We stand by you and wish you God’s speed in your recovery. And we admire your Texas resilience.
The past week has seen a different kind of storm here at the Dancing Dog Ranch. You, dear readers, have been right alongside me raising the Teenage Eating Machine, handling Dearly Demented Mom and dating a variety of odd boyfriends, but the one constant in the last 15 years has been my continuous companion, Marshmellow the Dancing Dog.
Through the years, her dancing slowed down to the point of not being able to do much more than walk stiffly. About three weeks ago, her back legs decided to quit walking altogether. I bought a dog sling, got more pills from the vet; everything I threw at her just didn’t work. She wasn’t ever going to dance, or even stand, again. She crossed the rainbow bridge about the time Harvey hit Rockport dead on.
I can only imagine she’s up there in heaven greeting all the animals that were victims of the wrath of Harvey dancing as she greets them each and every one.
Rest well, dear friend. And let’s heal together, Texas, and enjoy the clear blue skies of our great state.