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Thursday December 14, 2017
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State legislature in session

Feather Wilson

Every other year the state legislature convenes and attempts to solve the state’s largest problems in 140 days.
This is one of those years as the 85th legislature began their deliberations in early January.
Each session begins with great expectations and ends with more local detail than solutions to statewide problems and challenges.
This year the top ten issues have been defined in order of importance by the state legislative leaders as outlined in the following paragraphs in a hazy blend of church and state.
No.1 – Bathrooms for all different sex types of humans. The Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick believes this is among the top problems to solve in this session. Dan Patrick is not a native Texan. He was born and educated in Maryland before landing an obscure job as a radio talk show host in Houston.
No. 2 – Public education funding and standards and secondarily what should be taught to prepare for college of tomorrow’s’ labor needs mixed with the promotion of charter schools with public funds and religious concepts verses science.
No. 3 – Border and immigration issues may be solved with President Trump’s wall and tariff solutions as well as help from Texas on the sanctuary city problems.
No. 4 – Child protective services issues and funding.
No. 5 – Gun rights such as more liberal open carry laws and silencers.
No. 6 – Transportation funding as well as no redlight cameras, tollway issues.
No. 7 – Marijuana laws.
No. 8 - Ethics transparency issues such as reporting lobbyist contributions and entertainment.
No. 9 – Abortion, more restrictive.
No. 10 – State budget is fixed by the state constitution and the only question is how much money does the state have to spend. This year it will be reduced due to lower oil and gas production prices.
It is notable that water and associated economic growth are not listed among the top ten issues. Arguably, the water issue could be the number one issue the state needs to solve. At least public education is No. 2.

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