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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Chile Pequin plan

Doug White

There I was working around the old smoke house on the old home place. I noticed a now dormant Chile Pequin plant. It was in the exact spot as the one I use to pick the fruit from back in the early 60's for my Dad, Earl White Sr. Man he would eat those things like they were candy.
The cool thing about the plant was that it was an early bloomer. I do recall seeing the pant in the same location producing fruit early in the year. Several years ago, I took some seed to my neighbor J.B. Edwards, now deceased, and told him the history of the plant located by the smoke house.
He was a good friend of my Dad's and me too! Anyhow, J.B. said, "Doug, the reason the plant produces early is because of your Dad's love for that plant." J.B. was very pleased to have those good stock seeds from that plant. I don't recall if they ever produced fruit early as this one had.
Over the years, I have learned to like those Chile peppers. Every year I put a bunch in vinegar and let them do their magic. I don't crush them I just put them in whole and in about a week they start heating up. I love using them on a good steak and even on my breakfast eggs!
I have one near the old house that is almost five feet tall and wonder if it will come back this year.
Well, I hope that this little story helps keep you warm this winter. I am looking forward to picking those wonderful Chile Pequin peppers again this year, maybe in February!
Parade news, the 2017 11th Street Cowboy Mardi Gras parade is closing in fast. The 12th Annual parade will take place Saturday, February 18, so mark your 2017 calendar for the first parade of the new year.