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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Doug White

Thirty-two years ago, there we were newly assigned to Fairchild AFB Survival School. It was a miserably cold winter. We probably had 18 to 24 inches of snow on the ground, which lasted until March 1985.
You build a snow man and he was still around for quite a while. In the middle of all this, we got a phone call from Pipe Creek. Mom was very excited and said that she received in her yard more snow than she had seen in her life and she was, at the time, 73 years old.
Even as cold as we were in Spokane with all the snow on the ground, we were jealous that we were not here to see it; because in Spokane, the snow was dreary, but here in Texas it was exciting. On top of all that, it was a record breaking accumulation.
That was the last noticeable snow fall in Pipe Creek. The memory of that time is precious because we were seeing it through Mom's eyes. My Mom was so child like in her wonder. It was a super call and we will always remember how special it was.