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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Republicans save Texas

Feather Wilson

"My name is Janie and I own and live on a little 10,000 acre ranch on the out skirts of Bandera.
"The ranch has been in the family for more than 200 years and it was free because it was a Spanish land grant. I now make a good living raising yard art. No, not that kind. I run about 5,000 head of original Texas registered Longhorns. I sell the steers to new ranchers for about $5,000 per head to be seen as yard art.
"I did receive a degree in Animal Husbandry, but it didn’t have anything to do with husbands. It was all about cows and ranching.
"I live modestly in the old ranch house, but I invested in a Cessna Citation Mustang-two business jets and a 5,000 foot runway as a treat a few years ago.
"My old high school friends are Republicans and I am too,…I think.
"One of my pet things to do is to follow Texas politics. It is so exciting when the Texas State Legislature meets every other year and this is one of those years.
"Last week I took a trip to Austin in my new jet and had breakfast and coffee with Governor Greg Abbot and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. We flew around Texas at 45,000 feet for about 3 hours and discussed how to save Texas from all the bad stuff. It was very exciting. We discussed some of the new legislation that would be considered this year.
"The Lieutenant Governor Patrick told me about the most important bill that he would introduce this legislative session. It is a law about the classification of Texas bathrooms. He described this bill as a “Save Texas” law.
"It seems that some humans think they are different from other humans and they should never be forced to use the same bathroom. He explained there were about four types of Texans and we needed four types of bathrooms. It was a little bit confusing to me because there never seemed to be a problem before this year. Cows don’t appear to fit into any of the new categories.
"However, we Republicans must do what is necessary to Save Texas.”

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