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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Sole provider of Meals on Wheels

Amy Hawley

Silver Sage is the sole provider of Meals on Wheels in Bandera County. Meals are delivered to those who are over 60 and who are homebound with no way to provide a nutritious meal for themselves. Not only do you bring food but you also provide a smile, a conversation, or reassurance in case of an accident. There meals at taken to the clients each weekday by wonderful volunteers who drive one of the nine routes. Routes go to Utopia, Tarpley, Medina, Lakehills, Pipe Creek, Whartons Dock, between Bandera and Pipe Creek, Hwy 173, and in Bandera. More drivers are needed to deliver meals to clients. Volunteer to go out one day a week, every two weeks, once a month, or just whatever fits into your schedule. Most routes take approximately an hour and a half. Cars and gas are provided by Silver Sage. For each route it is preferable to have two people; one person to drive and one person to deliver the meals to the clients. By doing this, it makes the route go so much quicker. So, recruit a spouse, friend, neighbor, or someone from your church to volunteer for a route and help those in need in Bandera County. There is also a need for drivers to deliver pet food to some clients. This does not take very long and you are helping the seniors to keep their well loved pets as comfort. There is a special need in Lakehills. Pay it forward! This could be your parent, grandparent, or, one of these days, you might need this kind of help! The rewards are incredible!