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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Science vs. Politics

Feather Wilson

Science is bad. Politics is good.
Is that a delusional statement?
There is a war that is seldom reported on the major news television sources or printed in the major newspapers and magazines.
It never the less exists within the political arena at the highest levels of government and it slowly seeps into vulnerable portions of the less educated and some elements of the conservative populous.
Magic is good. Truth is dull and hard.
The favorite scientific target is climate change.
Climate change began about 4.56 billion years ago, as the Earth coalesced into a semi-solid ball. Climate change has never stopped since that eventful ancient past.
The Earth’s atmosphere has been evolving for all of this time. Let’s examine life giving oxygen for humans. It didn’t reach the magic number of 21% for the first 2-billion years. Oxygen evolved through the presence of bacteria which have been around since the beginning of Earth time.
Fully evolved humans began to spread out from the East African rift system about 120,000 years ago, in waves that lasted until about 50,000 years ago.
Yes Virginia, your distant cousins were black Africans. They were fully developed Homo sapiens . The humans spread throughout the Middle East, Europe and the Far East. Some of us turned white as we dealt with the Pleistocene ice age and bred with a few Neanderthals sub-species.
These early humans faced many climate changes that had nothing to do with their presence, or influence.
Then oil was discovered in large quantities in the Pennsylvanian Hills in 1859. That discovery launched the Industrial Revolution and the prolific use of oil by humans began to impact the climate as well as all of the other time and space Earth changes since time began. Oil has allowed civilization to exponentially expand.
Denial of science based climate change is not rooted in truth. Instead, it is based upon wishful thinking by a handful of the populous and a few monetarily biased politicians. But, it is scientific truth.

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