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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Red Eye Alarm Clock

Doug White

Before I get started on this weeks story, I must report the lost of a very special young lady, Sharon Joy Barlow. She was only 54 years old and had been married to one of my nephews, Kevin Barlow, for 23 years. They had a wonderful life together and were blessed with a son named Cole. Sharon lost her battle with cancer on December 26.
Just two years ago they came to Texas for a visit and enjoyed the San Antonio River Boat ride and a visit to the Alamo.
That was a couple of firsts for her and her son Cole. I could tell that they really enjoyed their visit here. As we all know, cancer is very unforgiving. Rest in Peace, Sharon Joy Barlow. As your middle name says, you brought Joy to us all that knew you.
There I was in Kerrville a few years ago and visited Burkes Outlet. They have all kinds of neat stuff in that store. I just happened to see something special on the closeout sale table. It was one cool looking alarm clock.
The sign on the box said try me, so I did. The amazing plane alarm clock with a large floating time display and authentic airplane engine started and the running sound is so neat.
It's called "Red Eye Alarm Clock." and is one of my favorite time pieces. You never know what you might find at Burkes Outlet store. Sometimes I don't find great deals, they seem to find me. There was only one available and I am so pleased to have bought it.