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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Lemon squeezes out a sweet victory

Charles Prokop

Are you looking for a guaranteed way to ruin a good golf score? Just hit a few balls out of bounds. Pro golfers laugh at most hazards that frighten amateurs, but pros and hackers alike fear the out of bounds.
The pros often aim at sand traps because they are predictable, safe havens. We hackers dread hitting from the sand. The pros don’t blink at water or ravines. They know they won’t skull the ball along the ground, and if they come up a little short they’ll just wedge it close and make par the hard way. We chicken out and lay up short of the hazard, only to see our “safe” lay up roll into the creek.
But put an out of bounds fence on a hole and even the pros get nervous. If there is out of bounds on both sides it’s a red alert. Out of bounds penalties are severe and take a high toll.
Stand on any tee at the Flying L and your warning lights will flash at least yellow. Out of bounds shots are a risk on at least one side of the fairway on every hole at the Flying L and it’s possible to go out on both sides of many. And those fences aren’t just for show. It may take a horrible shot on some holes, but you can go out on every one. Trust me, I know.
Judging from the scores at last week’s Good Old Boys tournament, many players were becoming acquainted with the folks whose back yards are on the far side of those out of bounds fences.
Paul Lemon of Boerne has been finding a way to get on the leaderboard with regularity and he didn’t break his string of successes. Lemon avoided disaster and cruised to an 82 for 2 points and a first place finish. His round was a model of consistency, with no disasters to mar his scorecard. Lemon just played good golf and strolled home to victory.
Bandera’s Peter Lovett and San Antonio’s Rocco Perciavalle found themselves tied for second place after rounds that were good for 0 points. Both players matched their target scores, as Lovett shot 86 and Perciavlle shot 90.
Lovett added to his winnings by taking the closest to the hole prize on number 12. Bandera and Flying L resident Don Bateman won the 17th hole. The 17th has always been the toughest of the par 3 holes at the Flying L, but it is becoming even harder. The out of bounds fences have been moved closer to the left side of the green, so bailing out to the left in an attempt to avoid the cactus and out of bounds on the right will no longer be a safe play.
Even though he made no points, Bandera’s Gary Manning proved that it was possible to play well. Manning turned in a nice round of 79 to earn medalist honors.