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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Have a piece of pie

Carolyn B. Edwards

February is Great American Pie Month and there can be no better cause to celebrate. Whether it’s fruit pie, cream pie, frozen pie or pizza pie, all red-blooded Americans enjoy pie.
The official month is sponsored by the American Pie Council. Wouldn’t you just love to serve on that board? I’m sure pie of one kind or another is served during all meetings.
The APC informs us that pie was not always America’s favorite dessert. However, in the 19th century, folks made fruit pies that were a common breakfast food eaten before the start of a long day.
I think pie is good at any time of the day, but especially about mid-afternoon with a cup of coffee.
The APC sponsors pie baking contests, most importantly the Annual APC Pie Championships. In 2015, 797 competitors entered commercial, professional and amateur divisions.
Anyone can join the APC. Membership entitles them to discounts on several pie products, including cookbooks, and T-shirts and caps labeled “Pie Police.”
The APC joins forces with those who support “Pi Day,” on March 14, for a perfect blending of math with tasty round desserts. You can go to their website and download a Pi Day packet to “have some fun with pi, pie and Math.”
I generally prefer home-baked pies over store-bought, but the French silk at the OST is a chocolate lover’s treat and the mile high production at the Medina Apple Store can quiet a craving for your favorite fruit pie. Delicious pies can also be found at the Lowe’s deli and Brick’s River Café.
The key to a great pie lies in the crust and if you’re going to bake one, don’t cut corners by purchasing your crust. It takes practice (I’ve thrown away globs and globs of lumpy dough), but once the skill is achieved, it will make all the difference in your pies.
When my daughter celebrated a very youthful birthday many years ago, she opted for a pie instead of the traditional celebratory cake.
I turned out a gorgeous lattice-topped cherry pie for her.
As she held the pie up for a photograph, I told her to tilt it a little more toward the camera. Suddenly the pie began to slide out of the dish and hit the floor with a splat.
And perhaps I shouldn’t confess this part?
We invoked the 5-second rule and spooned most of the mess back into the dish. It didn’t look as pretty as before, but it sure tasted good!