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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Night out with the Goddesses

Mikie Baker

As far as I can tell, men only get together so they can catch something, shoot something or fix something. Women? We're the uncomplicated sex. All we care about is talking or shopping. Finding a great girlfriend is typically based on how much fun the two of you can have talking while you're shopping.
I am part of a group of women dubbed the "WINOS," which stands for "Women In Need Of Sanity" as we get together on a monthly basis to drink wine and talk. Since we have been doing this for more than a year it was time to go to the next step - a slumber party. It's near perfection because you get to drink, eat and talk all night long.
Scottish Talking Woman arranged for us to stay in a fancy schmancy house with lots of bedrooms, bathrooms and a huge gourmet kitchen. Rumor had it the house also had a ghost.
The WINOS are made up of an academic, a romance novelist, a musical hippie, a Scot, a computer nerd and me. Strange bedfellows all, but that's what makes it so much fun - talking to women with entirely different perspectives on the world.
We arrived with way too much overnight gear, lots of snacks and plenty of wine. Corks got popped and we got to talking - simply sublime. What surprised me was how few bottles of wine it really takes to solve the world's problems. And once you've got everything solved, there needs to be something else to do, so we played a game.
It was called Goddess and, I can attest, it was not Monopoly. It had a magical purple electric light thing that sat in the middle of a board. There were cards in several exotic colors like peacock and amethyst plus magical stones that matched. And then there was the little purple satin bag that held all the questions of the universe or at least some that were important to a bunch of women. Excuse me, goddesses.
When it was your turn, you were handed the purple bag and you drew out a card. This card told you something goddess-like and then asked a question that you had to answer before the group. Sometimes the card instructed that everybody had to answer the question as well. The questions were tough and made you think - things like, "In the last 24 hours, what one thing did you do that helped someone else?"
All I could think of was, "Well, on Facebook I shared the panda rolling in the snow video. I think pandas make people happy. So there." I'm fairly certain that answer won't win me the Ms. Goddess USA pageant. It's just that I'm more of a talker than a thinker. It makes my brain hurt to think that hard.
By the time the game was done, it was nearly 2 am and that was victory enough itself. I realized we older women still have it after all. Of course, it does take two days now to recover.
The next morning, Scottish Talking Woman announced that we had made it safely through the night without a haunting and that our reward was a rummage sale being held right there on the property.
And that's when this goddess realized we'd hit Nirvana - talking until the wee hours and then the dawning of a new day - shopping together with Bloody Mary's in our hands. I feel fairly certain we women had found our sanity at a slumber party.