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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Doug White

Before I announce the first parade of the New Year, I want to convey my condolences to Kevin Fitzpatrick on the recent passing of his Dad, Mr. John Douglas "Bud" Fitzpatrick, at the age of 99.
He was a true Cowboy and always had a kind smile on his face. When Kevin did his roping routines, his Dad was always nearby. They were a team.
I have a feeling that Mr. Fitzpatrick will always be near and watch over his son. God bless.
I just got news of another friend and neighbor passing, Walter Stricker. I have known him since 1956. We both served in the Army, he went in the service before me. Later on we often shared our Army experiences, usually at White's Cafe or Fuzzy's place.
Walter lost his hearing in one ear because of heavy artillery fire while stationed in Germany. Someone discharged the huge cannon before they were ready during an exercise.
I remember him telling me about the time a road work crew removed a drainage pipe from under the road in front of his home place. When he ask why they removed it, and did not replace it, they replied, "Well, Sir, it was not within specifications."
Walter replied," Do you think my great grandfather who put that original drain pipe in cared about your specifications?"
Walter continued, "He put that pipe in there to keep the rain from flooding his land." Walter said they got the message and replaced that drain pipe.
My condolences to the Stricker family. May he rest in peace.
Our first parade of 2016 will take place Saturday, the 30th of January at 12 Noon. It is the 11th Street Cowboy Mardi Gras Parade in Bandera.
Hope to see you there.